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With times changing and more and more people going green it makes sense to get on this energy saving train. Solar panels power your home by receiving energy from the sun/light which turns DC (direct current) into AC (active current) which is what your home appliances require in order to run.  At night, or anytime a household is using more electricity than a Solar installation is producing, the extra needed to power the house is pulled from the grid, as it normally would be.


In addition to reducing your current electric bill, energy that is over produced can be sold back to utility companies which generates revenue to pay back the cost of your investment which pays off your system and eventually turn a profit. We have 3 different options when going solar which are leasing, purchasing or a cash option.



While there are other companies out there that charge a down payment and installation fee’s, we charge $0 down payment and $0 for installation. You only start paying once your system is activated and ready to flip the switch.


Book a consultation today for more information on how you can reduce your electricity bill.

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