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Is life insurance expensive?

Life insurance is definitely not expensive. My specialty is finding a plan that will fit around your budget without breaking the bank and at the same time covering all your financial needs. 

How much coverage do I need? 

While every household is different I will help you evaluate what and why your buying for to determine how much coverage you will need. 

I already have life insurance through my job, is that enough? 

There's a good chance that it's not enough. Also job coverage typically doesn't come with you if you leave that job leaving your family with no protection. 

Do I need life Insurance? 

If you have children, dependents, married, responsible, organized, own a home or business then you most likely need life insurance.


What kind of credit score do I need to buy a home?

So typically most lenders require a score of 620 or higher to get approved for a mortgage. The higher the score the better the chances are of getting a good program. 

What kind of down payment do I need? 

With many new programs out there there are clients who qualify with as little as 3-5% down. The higher the down payment the lower your monthly payments will be. Some programs require even less. VA loans and USDA loans can be made sometimes with zero down.

How fast can I sell my home? 

All though it depends on the market nowadays it seems houses are being sold quite quickly. If it's a fairly hot market you can sell your home in a week if there is a lull in the market or complications arise then it can take a few months. But we will put you in a position where your home is being viewed by thousands of people from all over giving you the best exposure and a better chance of getting your home sold as quickly as possible. 

How many homes do people typically see before they buy? 

The process has gotten a lot easier with technology and my new innovative client consultations. We will sit and go over exactly what your needs are your must haves and your don't wants. I rather ask you 50 questions and show you 6 or 7 homes that fit your profile rather than ask you 6 or 7 questions and show you 50 houses. Home buying doesn't need to be painful in my book. 


What are the upfront costs for solar panels?

There are no upfront costs, there is no down payment and no installation costs. You only start paying when we install the system. 

Does my house qualify for Solar? 

If there isn't any obstruction then yes. We have a professional designing team that will render a 3D image of your home showing us the layout of where the panels will go.

Would I save money?

Yes that is the goal. I myself have solar and along with many of my clients I see the significant savings every single month. 

Can I make money with Solar?

Simply put YES. There are many people who take advantage of NJ SRECS (solar renewable energy credit) every month they produce enough energy. 

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