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Outdoor Camera Pro


This camera uses Smart Deter technology to keep an eye on the area you define, paying special attention to lurkers. If someone is detected and lingers too long, the Outdoor Camera Pro deters them by playing a loud sound and illuminating its LED ring, letting the lurker know they’ve been spotted. With an outdoor camera that takes action automatically, your home is always protected. The Outdoor Camera Pro knows the difference between people, pets, and cars, so you’ll only get important notifications. If there’s an emergency, our team of home security pros is on standby 24/7 to help, and they’re just one touch away on your Vivint Smart Hub. With 4K HD sensor and a 140° field of view, the Outdoor Camera Pro captures more of your yard in more detail. High-powered IR night vision sensors let you see clearly both day and night. Even when you zoom in on faces, license plates, and other details, the video maintains HD quality

Doorbell Pro

Using Smart Deter technology, the Doorbell Camera Pro doesn’t just record crime, it actively helps prevent it. When it spots someone trying to take a package, it activates an LED ring and 65 dB speaker, letting the potential thief know they’ve been caught on camera. See visitors’ faces, and packages right under the doorbell with the Doorbell Camera Pro’s 180°x180° field of view—the tallest and widest of any doorbell camera. It features powerful infrared night vision and crystal-clear 1080p HDR resolution. Unlike wireless video doorbell cameras that are battery powered, the Doorbell Camera Pro is wired to maintain constant connectivity, making it the most effective porch protection available. Customizable surveillance zones allow Doorbell Camera Pro to protect your entire porch or just a specific part of it, eliminating false alarms triggered by pets and pedestrians.

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Keyless Entry Kwikset Smart Lock


Smart Locks allow you to assign up to 30 unique access codes for family and friends so they can easily come and go—no more leaving a spare key out in the open. Your smart security system even tracks codes to keep you informed about who locks and unlocks doors at any given time. When you lock your Smart Lock with the touch of a button it can automatically turn off your lights, adjust your thermostat, and arm your security system. With a connected Vivint system, everything works together. t LUsing the Vivint app, you can answer your door with the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, then control your Smart Locks or Garage Door Controller to let visitors and delivery people inside your home or garage. With instant alerts you’ll always know when someone arrives, so you can easily lock up when they leave. 

Vivint Smart Hub Control Panel

The Vivint Smart Hub is your smart home control panel. Arm your system, answer your door, view camera video footage, and speak to customer support—all from your Smart Hub. As one of the top-rated security apps in the industry, the Vivint app makes home automation easy. Its intuitive navigation makes it simple to manage lighting and temperature, monitor security camera video, interact with visitors at your doorstep, or lock up and arm your security system when you are away. Automatically lock your doors at a specific time every night. Set your doors to unlock when a fire alarm is triggered. Manage and protect your home automatically with custom actions in the Vivint app

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